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Professional and engaging comic books & Podcasts… created by two non-professionals, with no experience, and no idea what they are doing- how could this go wrong? Snarf Comics, Snarf Talk Podcast & Blog, and Snarf Comics YouTube Channel was the brain child of Jerry Snyder & Chris Harford. Our goal is to write, create, produce, and self publish professional level comic books and podcasts. Join us and follow along as we begin our journey- from eternal comic book and geek culture fans to creators and contributors to a medium that we love passionately!

Everybody’s got one killer story. It doesn’t take talent to tell that story, it just takes experience.
— Kevin Smith

We are currently working on writing two original comic books: Jetpack Samurai and Fourth Reich. Also, check out our weekly Snarf Talk Podcast, Blog, Snarf Comics YouTube Channel, and Social Media. Follow along with us as we take start from scratch, tacking our ideas from conception all the way through publishing.

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Snarf Talk Podcast & Blog

Listen and follow along as Chris & Jerry attempt to create their latest comic book, Jetpack Samurai, all the way from conception to publishing. We talk about comics, entertainment, movies, life, farming and much more. We have some great interviews lined up with some high profile guests, as well as some “Hometown Heros”. Stay Tuned! Check us out on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Podcast App, YouTube, Stitcher, Google Play, BuzzSprout, and all other podcast platforms.

Snarf Comics Youtube

Check out our new YouTube Channel! You can watch Snarf Talk Podcast in Multi-Cam Video, Check out Snarf Talk Clips, or see recap videos of all of our Snarf Talk Roadtrips! Stay Tuned & Click Subscribe as we will always be releasing new content!

Jetpack Samurai COMIC

We are currently writing our newest comic book Jetpack Samurai- and original single issue comic which we hope to take from the conception phase all the way through self publishing. Stay tuned to our podcast and blog as we go through the entire comic book creation process! We also have previously worked on our first ever comic book: Fourth Reich.


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